WEP Editorial Board

The Editorial Board reflects the aim of the Journal, bringing together academic researchers and business professionals The Scientific Editors (Editor and Co-editor in Chief, Regional Editors) as well as the Business Editors coordinate the Journal activities and contents.


Silvio Menghini

University of Florence, Italy

Co-Editor in Chief

Eugenio Pomarici

University of Padova, Italy

Regional Editors

Huiqin Ma - Asia - China Agricultural University

Etienne Montaigne - Europe - IAMM - Institut agronomique méditerranéen de Montpellier

Liz Thach - North America - Sonoma State University - North America

Alejandro Gennari - South America - National University of Cuyo - South America

Larry Lockshin - Oceania - University of South Australia

Business Editors

Vittorio Frescobaldi - Marchesi de' Frescobaldi srl

Peter Hayes - Vice-President of OIV

Editorial Office (Scientific Managers)

Nicola Marinelli - University of Florence, Italy

Veronica Alampi Sottini - University of Florence, Italy

Lorenzo Puliti - University of Florence, Italy

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