WEP Journal: Wine Economics and Policy


The research activities in the wine sector and the management skills needed for the competitive development of wine companies require, now more than ever, an  international approach.

The mission of the Journal is to provide an environment for academic researchers and business professionals around the world to work together in the fields of wine economics and policy in order to deal with the current and future issues of the  wine sector.


Researchers & professionals together

  1. - Economics: economic models for the study of the wine sector

  1. - Policy: Public polices and rural development

  2. - Marketing: strategic and operative issues

  1. - Management and organisation: management styles and organisation approaches in

   small, medium and large wine companies

  1. - Information and communication technologies: wine B2B and B2C contexts

Structure of the wine industry: company typologies, networks and clusters,

    supply chain actors

Innovation: process, product and organisation innovation trends in the

   wine sector

  1. - Consumer behaviour: current knowledge and research tools

  1. - Legislation: national regulations and international standards


Economics (General)

Agricultural Economics

Food Economics

Health Economics

Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Economics

Policy and Planning

Supply, Demand and Prices

Farming Systems and Management


Rural Industry and Enterprises

Food Industry

International Trade

Marketing and Distribution

Consumer Economics

Communication and Mass Media

Tourism and Travel

Rural Sociology

Rural Development

Human Health and Hygiene (General)

Diet Studies

Human Health and the Environment

Laws and Regulations

History and Biography




The Journal will be organized in five main sections:

  1. I.Editorial Column

II.Scientific articles

III.Invited contributions

IV. Short Communications and Discussion

V. Book Review

  1. I.Editorial Columns:

by the Editors of the Journal

  1. II.Scientific articles

Substantial overview or complete report on original research). This section focuses on in-depth discussion about methodological and theoretical aspects of wine economics and policy through scientific researches and case studies.

III. Invited contributions:

Entrepreneurs, top managers and other qualified public and private stakeholders are invited to supply their direct insight into the major issues of the wine industry in order to draft a helpful agenda for the researchers and the scientific community.

IV. Short Communications and Discussion:

This section aims at enhancing the service content of the journal, supplying up to date information on the dynamics of scientific debate and on the main trends in the wine market. The contents of this section include short reports, announcements of research and commentaries.

  1. V.Book Review:

critical discussion of a book’s contents.

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